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Welcome to G'Day Digital Nomads
Tech, Travel & Lifestyle

Welcome to G'Day Digital Nomads

Jordan Rancie 01 July 2017

A warm welcome to all digital nomads, Technology Enthusiasts and Traveling Yogis around the world. Please read our quick intro about us and why we started this site.

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Buying a bike in Vietnam

Audrey Cassim 06 July 2017

An article for newbie bikers, sharing my research and experience about all the benefits and pitfalls of buying a bike and biking around Vietnam.

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Do you Speak English?
Top 12 English teaching locations in the world

Teaching English for Income

Jordan Rancie 15 July 2017

As travelers a fantastic job for income to keep you on the road is that of an English Teacher or Tutor. Here are our top 12 locations, stats by Country and the Pros and Cons for each.

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Becoming a Digital Nomad

Jordan Rancie 16 July 2017

Do you dream of traveling the world with nothing but a laptop, a camera and a backpack? If becoming a Digital Nomad is your goal, you should know it's easier than you think.

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Berry Berry : A Online English Tutoring Platform
A Comprehensive English Tutoring Platform.

Berry Berry : Learn English Online

Jordan Rancie 17 July 2017

Teaming up with qualified English teachers with over 50 years of shared expertise, we've created an effective Global Onling English Tutoring Platform.

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Teach Kids their vote matters
Link 'N' Sync with Friends

Shared Vibrations : An Awakening

Jordan Rancie 15 August 2017

An idea so simple that it's applications are endless. All your Digital Devices sharing and playing media in concert, synchronised to the millisecond, regardless of your location around the world.

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