welcome to gday digital nomads

Welcome to G'Day Digital Nomads

A warm welcome to all digital nomads, Technology Enthusiasts and Traveling Yogis around the world. Please read our quick intro about us and why we started this site.

Hey guys, Welcome to our site. We are Jordan and Audrey. We created this site for a few reasons.

1. Share our Adventures traveling around the world

The world is a big place and it’s worth exploring. Meeting new people from different walks of life. Making new friends. Absorbing new cultures. Trying new foods. Listening to new music. Gathering stories about cultural history and religions. Whatever motivates you, we recommend taking a few months off…maybe even a year, stripping away what doesn’t really matter, dissolving those stresses of life we feel we need to carry and breaking out of those comfort zones we all build around ourselves.

Nothing expands the soul like travel

Abbey Dyball

Another thing travel does is gives you perspective. And this brings us to our second reason for starting this site. This Digital Age has clearly come, but is still growing. 3rd and 4th world countries are just now getting the benefits of a world that is connected to everyone and everything with just about any source of information at your fingertips. With the perspective we gained while traveling we decided that our most rewarding walk in life would be to create digital tools that allowed for this growth to continue in a positive way.

2. Create Digital Projects that could help solve systemic issues in the world

It’s our belief that Socially Conscious Digital Solutions have the capacity to become exceptional catalysts for transforming the world in positive ways. The possibilities are literally endless. Providing first-rate education platforms for children across the globe regardless of origin or privilege. The integration of new Renewable Energies. The restructuring of our economy to be more geared towards sustainability of processes instead of pure capitalistic lines. Medical Technologies to create healthier societies. The advocation of public rights so a single voice is easily heard….I could go on here, but you get the idea.

At G’Day Digital Nomads we thrive on searching for those ideas that can change the world and bringing them into reality.

3. A Balance between Working, Work fulfilment and Lifestyle

We found that these elements of our life can become so quickly out of balance - Mortgage, Bills, Routines, Responsibilities. Coming to a nice balance between these elements of our life has been a lifelong journey. For me, and my partner we found that first we should structure our life to engage in projects that resonate with what we care about. The second thing we learnt was that although we may care deeply about our work, a work to lifestyle balance was essential - this came in the way of management of time - the 80/20 rule being applied to work, fitness and leisure time.

A part of this site is to help others learn from our experience in finding a healthy work-life balance, increasing productivity of time and sound balance between mind, body and soul.

We’d love to have your support and participation on this journey as we try to make the world a better place. We hope you enjoy our channel.

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