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Berry Berry : A Online English Tutoring Platform

Berry Berry : Learn English Online

Teaming up with qualified English teachers with over 50 years of shared expertise, we've created an effective Global Onling English Tutoring Platform.

It is generally accepted that English today is arguably the most important language for people to learn.

In our travels we have met many people from many walks of life trying to make money whilst traveling, and one of the most sort after jobs for such travelers has been that of an English Teacher or Tutor. Such jobs generally requires little or no formal teaching skills other than English as a spoken language, and often come with a list of additional benefits such as housing, living allowances, paid holidays and travel exxpences. Not to mention its often tax-free. Check out our Top 12 Places to Teach English in The World article for more information.

In our research we found several interesting facts:

1) These opportunities are in abundance, the skills offered by Native English Speakers are in high demand. All through Africa, Asia, Middle-East and South-Central America, and many countries in Europe are soaking up individuals with the English Language as a skillset at extraordinary rates.

2) There is a great shortage of English Teachers filling these roles - Kindergarden to Adults, permanent or casual.

3) Expats filling these roles are not always around for long periods of time so there is a high employee turnover rate.

4) Whether it be a reputable international schools, government funded schools or specialist education groups the quality of instruction for students are not equal. Some have well developed curriculum, some not so much.

5) Required qualifications range from University trained to traveling Native English Expats.

But the bottom line is the quality of delivery and results for students studying English as a Second Language predominately depends on the curriculum and structure that has been set in place by the organisation they are affiliated with, and despite the damand for such roles, many non-native speakers around the world have very limited access to well-structured lessons taught by native English teachers.

This is our motivation for creating Berry Berry : An Online Tutoring Platform.

Berry Berry

An Online interactive and Structured English Tutoring Platform

We saw this a an opportunity and deciced to create a fun and affordable new online platform where anyone can come to receive easy to follow and progressive game-based English lessons where newly acquired skills can be practiced with native English speakers.

Child conntected to Berry Berry English Tutor

By teaming up with qualified English teachers with more than 50 years of shared expertise, conbined with integrative visual and game based software we have developed a comprehensive EAL programme that will ensure that instructors regardless of previous experience have the support they need to provide meaningful and free-flowing conversations, and the students have the structure they need to see their progress and results over time.

The Benefits

An open market for both Students and Tutors to cherry pick the best pairing for each other.

For Students

  • Access to English speakers from everywhere around the world.
  • Game based curriculum from the very beginner all the way to advanced levels.
  • Progressive curriculum to become building blocks for future sessions.
  • Auto-translate tools & Voice Bots to act as teaching aids.
  • Shared digital whiteboard for visual and literacy communication.
  • Transcripts (English-Native) of sessions to help further study.
  • Session recordings - Audio, Whiteboard - to help further study.
  • Quick and Interactive Surveys to track your progress.
  • Self Ratings for you and your tutor.
  • Choose your own price for a session.
  • Group Classes for constructive peer to peer collaboration.

For Teachers, Tutors and Travelers

  • Access to students from around the world wanting to learn English.
  • Access to skeleton structured game/visual based curriculum for free-flowing progression for your student.
  • Progressive curriculum to become building blocks for future sessions.
  • Auto-tranlate tools & Voice Bots when your student is struggling.
  • Shared digital whiteboard for visual and literacy communication.
  • Transcripts and recordings of sessions to help deepen the session for your student.
  • Quick and Interactive Surveys to track your students progress.
  • Choose your own price for your Tutorship.
  • Set your own hours.
  • A great source of secondary or residual income for a few hours a week or full time.
  • Increased earning by working with small groups of students.

Berry Berry was designed to bridge a gap - Children and Adults alike from lower socio-economic areas all the way to highly developed communities could now have access to the same structured and proven resources. All that is required is an internet connection.

If you are still interested in traveling to these countries to become resident teacher, which we highly recommend, then visit this article on Top 12 Places to Teach English in The World. However, don’t rule this platform out as it still leaves a large percentage of people in the world with limited access, and an opportunity for travelers to conduct a comprehensive tutoring service for additional income as they travel.

We would love your support

If you find this program worth exploring then we ask your support to bring this platform to the world.
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